Randonnées pédestres

The hikes from the refuge ...

... to the summits and lakes

This is not a topo, only some hiking ideas ...

An IGN map and a good knowledge of the mountain are not too many ... Alternatively, do not hesitate to contact a Mountain Accompanier. Moreover, depending on the season, these routes are not always practicable without equipment. Do not hesitate to ask the refugee guardian or other mountain professionals for information.


Mount Ténibre (3031m)

It takes about 2h30 of climb.

The best known, the most popular!

Walk along the lake of Rabuons and then pass between Lake Chaffour and Lake Cimon. Go past the lake of Montagnette, then at the Pas du Rabuons turn left towards the Tenibre (red mark omnipresent). A small, delicate walk just before the summit from which you can admire the Viso, Monte Rosa, etc.

The descent can be made by the same route, or in the direction of the lakes of the Ténibre (to reach the refuge of Vens or the Plan of Ténibre) or to the lake of Fer (unmarked route).


Roche Rousse (2994m)

Approximately 2h30 of ascent

Until the Pas du Rabuons, the route of climb is the same as to go to the Tenibre.

At Pas de Rabuons, follow the arrows and red dots (again ...), but to the right. The final ascent is delicate, with a few steps of climbing and unstable terrain. From the top, overlooking Italy, Viso, Monte Rosa, etc.

Descente by the same route

Grand Cimon (2994m)

It takes about 2 hours to climb.

Same itinerary as for the Ténibre to the Cimon lake.

Leave the trail and leave the Cimon Lake on your left. You will find some caïrns that will take you to the Pas des Trois Pointes. From there, stay on the French side, and continue climbing to the top, always following the caims. You will then have a magnificent view on the circus of Rabuons, as well as on the Italian side.

Return by the same route.

Attention, unmarked route.

Corborant (3007m)

Count 3 hours of climb.

Follow the trail towards the Ténibre. At the end of the Rabuons lake, after crossing the Chaffour torrent, at the directional sign, take towards Pas de Ischiator. Leave this itinerary and head towards the Pas de Corborant. From there, behind the wooden panel marked Pas de Corborant, the trail for the summit begins. Vertiginous and delicate passages.

Descend by the same route.

Unmarked itinerary.

... to the neighboring refuges

Refuge of Vens

- Either you can take the most popular route, frequented and "easy" by the Way of Energy. This path is in balcony on the valley of the Tine, flat over several kilometers. It ends with a descent towards the lakes of Vens in order to reach the shelter. Allow 5 hours for this route.

- Either you can go through the Ténibre (more difficult route and not marked). Once on the Ténibre, head towards the Pas du Ténibre (marked red) and then descend to the lakes of Ténibre (cairns). Go back to the Borgonio Breccia before descending to the refuge following the Montagnette stream. It takes 7 hours for this route.


Rifugio Migliorero (Italy)

The shortest route is the Ischiator Pass (a detour by the summit of the same name is then possible), before descending to the lakes of Ischiator then the refuge. This route is slippery in case of rain.

Another itinerary is possible (unmarked): from the top of the Grand Cimon, turn Italian side towards Passo Lliaris. From there, join the trail down the Ischiator Pass below the Lago mediano of Ischiator.

It takes 4-5 hours for both routes.




Rifugio Alexandri Foch or Del Laus (Italy)

Take the new trail of the Balcons du Mercantour (which passes between the Tête Jassine and Pointe de Jassine) to Lagarot lake (under eutrophication). Join the trail from Douans to Pas de Longue. From there, go down towards San Bernolfo to the refuge.
It takes 6 hours to walk.