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Suggested itineraries

ALPINISM: Mount Ténibre - Grand Cimon de Rabuons - Corborant - Roche Rousse
RANDONNEE: Tour du Grand Cimon - Link to Vens refuge - Head of Chalanches - Ischiator summit
SKI: Ténibres - Corborant - Grand Cimon - Ischiator - link to Vens

The site of Rabuons, with its lakes and mountains, allows visitors to practice many different activities ...

Activities around the refuge

Many activities are possible near the refuge: hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, climbing, ski touring, fishing, ...

Aperitif on the terrace

Farniente by the lake

Nordic skiing

Despite the high risk of avalanches on the site (due to the steep slopes of the nearby summits), almost all summer hikes are possible from the refuge. Mountaineering equipment is however necessary, especially for the final climbs.

Downhill mountain biking

The descent to Saint Etienne de Tinée by the forest of La Selasse is quite famous and technical. The climb is a little more sudative (a lot of portage ...).

Many other routes are imaginable.


Friendly ridge runs are to be made, among others on the border ridges.


The site of Rabuons has a "school of climbing" to the east of the lake of Rabuons, where small technical ways allow to relax by the lake ...

The summit of Roche Rousse, on the Italian side, is the only large track equipped on site.


It is a sport very practiced in the valley, due to the presence of large lakes with beautiful trout and regular nursery.

It is necessary to have the national card and the departmental stamp to be able to practice this activity.

The opening of the fishing is the first Saturday of July, and closing the third weekend of September.